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This is a blog of video recipes done by moms. It began with one of my own mom showing me how to make easy chicken gumbo.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mom's Southern Homemade Biscuits.

This isn't my mom, but Jim and I were lying on the bed one lazy Florida afternoon and we started thinking about my mom's wonderful gumbo recipe video. That's how this blog began.

Then, this morning, I stumbled across a "mom doing her own recipe" video on YouTube. It's such a sweet labor of love. Shot at Christmastime. She's still in her robe. And we finally get to see her face at the end. Here is what is written in the intro:
Ever want to know EXACTLY how the deep South cook made her homemade biscuits? This 10 minute video shows my Mom as she, step by step, prepares her homemade biscuits from scratch. They REALLY taste like fine French pastry! Mom passed away in 2003 but thanks to the foresight of my brother David who died 9/2007 (nonsmoker, lung cancer), her art of making the best biscuits on Earth has not been lost. Video from 1996. I miss you Momma. David, meet me in Heaven's big Q&A room! RIP.
My favorite momquote: "Try not to think I'm bein' dirty."

And so, this becomes the second entry on the Mom's Recipe Blog.

(Thanks to NelnetDude who is, apparently, a very sincere evangelical man, according to his YouTube profile. But I think there's something a bit off in the wording when he says, " When my Earthly visit is over, I'm going to Heaven and take as many people with me as possible! God bless you today."

I think I know what he means, but perhaps it could be phrased a bit less ominously?)


Lea Ann said...

Ok, she's not just in her robe - she is in her pink velour robe which is a prized Mom possession in the south. It was likely one of her cherished Christmas gifts tho from the looks of it, not this year.

I arrived at your blog via knowing Mark Janas. Mark and my husband are 1st Cousins. Both their Moms are no longer with us, but they were sisters. This video is exactly how my husband's Mom made her biscuits, which is a favorite childhood memory of his. I was thrilled to see it because I've heard of the method and heard many people rave about the way their Mom made these biscuits (We live in Montgomery, Alabama) but having a Mother from Kansas, I'd never actually seen this done. Generations of Southerners taking Home Ec in the 60's were taught to cut the shortening in with a pastry cutter and then knead the dough, and the biscuits were never like momma made! Thank you for what I consider high art!

Steve Finnell said...

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Steve Finnell said...

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